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Information about prices on wedding photos.

Are you getting married? Then I recommend using a professional photographer.

Price on half-day wedding: NOK  15000,-

Includes photos of the preparation at the hairdresser’s together with the bride’s friends, ceremony itself and photos after the ceremony with fiancés, family, friends and a group photo of all the guests. I also take photos of guests before dinner, after this we travel to a chosen location with the bride and groom (and fiancés if desired) for the bridal photos. This package takes 5-6 hours, this package includes approximately 250-300 photos edited and delivered on a digital album including a mobile app. I don’t do photography of half-day weddings less than 5-6 hours.


Price on full day wedding: NOK 32.000,-

From approximately 11:00 to 23:00-24 on the evening. We plan for a meeting 3 months prior to the wedding where we together will go through the program. Some weeks before the wedding we meet to do test shoots to get to know you better in front of the camera.

For a full day wedding, our best package, we will come to your preferred location (e.g., hotel, hairdresser, or home) and start the sessions by taking photos of dresses, shoes, jewelry, flowers, friends, fiancés etc. before the ceremony.

We take photos of the ceremony and after the ceremony with fiancés, family, and group photos of guests. After this we travel to a chosen location with the bride and groom (and fiancés if desired) for the bridal photos and portrait photos. 

I am taking photos of you when you arrive the dinner location, and I am also ready to capture the right moments during the dinner. I will cover everything happening during and after the dinner, including the wedding waltz. Evening photos are also included if possible. The package includes edited photos delivered on a digital album, including mobile app and storage with private key, delivered 3 weeks after the wedding, latest and  I will also give you a large picture of your favorite in 60×90 on canvas.Before the wedding day, you will receive a contract from Photopixa Tony Kristoffersen.

                                                                                  Price on full day wedding movie NOK 30.000


How about filming your entire wedding from morning to night? I can film everything from preparations such as dressing up the bride and groom with their bridesmaids and groomsmen to the entire ceremony before and after with family. After the ceremony, I will film the bride and groom in beautiful surroundings with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Once this is done, we will go to the reception hall and continue filming into the evening until 11 pm. You will receive the finished film professionally edited in 4K quality after about 4 weeks in production. If you would like some footage before the entire wedding starts, this is also included in the wedding film. We will also add speeches from everyone and possibly a special speech that you read to each other, which will also be added to the film. Here you can come up with any wishes you may have and I will try to fulfill them for you. I film with the best within video, so the quality will be very good.





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